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The BridgeSorter is an extremely fast and reliable machine that sorts bridge-sized cards (also large indices). This latest model takes the duplication experience to the next level and leads the way into the next generation. A self propelling machine in a class of its own.

Some highlights:

  • No need for a computer! Simply use your phone or tablet to run the machine

  • Multilingual interface.

  •  The machine creates its own WiFi hotspot, so no need for your own WiFi connection.


As previous models, this machine is made of Swedish stainless steel and built with the best components around to ensure a long life and reliability year after year.

In summary you get:


  • An extremely fast and reliable machine that sorts all kinds of bridge sized cards.

  • Everything from deal generation to nice hand records is made by the machine.

  • Use any phone, tablet or computer, to communicate your wishes to the machine.

  • Generous 5 year warranty and a unique 12 months "no excuse" warranty. This means you can can get a refund in the unlikely event that you should not be happy with your purchase. 

  • A unique teach function that makes it possible to teach the machine almost any card design.

  • Automatic board no. recognition ensures that the boards are in order. (Two sets of board stickers 1-32 included with the machine)

  • Sturdy carrying case which makes it easy to transport and keeps it safe.

  • Instant built-in help and 24/7 email support.

Full technical specification

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